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We both write about coins professionally, and will keep our relative style guides in our writing. For Dennis, Publisher at Whitman Publishing, that means capitalizing “Proof” and italicizing Red Book and never saying anything bad about Ken Bressett, who’s awesome anyway. For Steve, who’s written with Coin World for 15 years, it means Winged Liberty Head dime instead of “Mercury” dime, and similar nuances and oddities. And, it means writing A Guide Book of United States Coins (better known as the “Red Book”). Both of us started collecting when we were little, introduced to coins by a chance encounter with an old coin that sparked our curiosity. One of Steve’s interests is coin valuation, and he gravitates towards the intersection of art and coins. Dennis enjoys medals and world coins, and studying modern U.S. coins in the context of older series, what came before.

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02 May 2024

Collecting Friends: Naming Names in Numismatics

Listen to Audio Version Image: The ill-conceived “Liberty Barking” silver dollar, Judd-1544-1/2. (Actually a mockup of Dennis’s beagle Hyacinth, by retired Whitman art director Bob Cashatt.) Dennis: A coin collector asked me about the name of the 1916–1947 half dollar: Is it “Liberty Walking” or “Walking Liberty”? Growing up as a coin collector, I.

24 Apr 2024

Collecting Friends: Half Crazy Half Dimes

Listen to Audio Version Steve: A marvelous thing about writing about coins is that you can immerse yourself in a specific area, figure out why a collector could be into it, and then share it with readers. I’ve never really been too jazzed about half dimes: just too small for my taste. But when Coin World’s Managing Editor William T. Gibbs suggested the.

23 Apr 2024

Collecting Friends: Counterfeits Overboard

Listen to Audio Version Dennis: Recently I was sorting through a hoard of coins I bought about twenty years ago and I found some counterfeit Liberty Seated pieces. One of the fakes was an 1858-S half dollar. If it were one of the 476,000 authentic halves minted in San Francisco that year, it would have been worth about $500 to $600. Ron Guth in.

29 Feb 2024

Collecting Friends: Cherrypicking

Steve: I just picked up Whitman’s newly published Cherrypickers’ Guide to Rare Die Varieties, Volume II, and it’s wild to think that it’s been 33 years since J.T. Stanton and Bill Fivaz published the first Cherrypicker’s Guide. Now, before you correct me, Dennis, the version from 1990 on my desk has the apostrophe this way in the title, while later.

24 Jan 2024

Collecting Friends: Coins Are Where You Find Them

Coins Are Where You Find Them

07 Nov 2023

Collecting Friends: Is the 1793 Flowing Hair, Chain Large Cent Ugly or Charming?

Is the 1793 Flowing Hair, Chain large cent ugly or charming?

11 Oct 2023

Collecting Friends: What is “Americanism?”

What is "Americanism?"

27 Sep 2023

Collecting Friends: What Makes a Coin Attractive?

What Makes a Coin Attractive?

15 Feb 2023

Collecting Friends: The First Coin Book I Loved

The First Coin Book I Loved

17 Jan 2023

Collecting Friends: My First Slab

My First Slab

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