Steve Roach & Dennis Tucker

We both write about coins professionally, and will keep our relative style guides in our writing. For Dennis, Publisher at Whitman Publishing, that means capitalizing “Proof” and italicizing Red Book and never saying anything bad about Ken Bressett, who’s awesome anyway. For Steve, who’s written with Coin World for 15 years, it means Winged Liberty Head dime instead of “Mercury” dime, and similar nuances and oddities. And, it means writing A Guide Book of United States Coins (better known as the “Red Book”). Both of us started collecting when we were little, introduced to coins by a chance encounter with an old coin that sparked our curiosity. One of Steve’s interests is coin valuation, and he gravitates towards the intersection of art and coins. Dennis enjoys medals and world coins, and studying modern U.S. coins in the context of older series, what came before.

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17 Jan 2023

Collecting Friends: My First Slab

My First Slab

14 Oct 2022

Collecting Friends: When Friends and Family ATTACK!

When Friends and Family ATTACK!

19 Jul 2022

Collecting Friends: Low-Ball Collecting

Low-Ball Collecting

10 Jun 2022

Collecting Friends: My First Commemorative Coins

My First Commemorative Coins

13 May 2022

Collecting Friends: My First Coin Show

Hello! And welcome to the ANA’s new blog series, “Collecting Friends.” We decided to approach this much like a conversation between friends. One of us starts with a topic, then the other responds. Simple as that. Along those lines, we’ll keep the tone conversational as much as possible.  We both write about coins professionally, and will keep our.

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