23 Apr 2024

Collecting Friends: Counterfeits Overboard

Listen to Audio Version Dennis: Recently I was sorting through a hoard of coins I bought about twenty years ago and I found some counterfeit Liberty Seated pieces. One of the fakes was an 1858-S half dollar. If it were one of the 476,000 authentic halves minted in San Francisco that year, it would have been worth about $500 to $600. Ron Guth in.

31 Oct 2022

The Money Museum Masterpiece Series: Counterfeit Coins

Punishments for counterfeiting attempts have been known to be severe, but those attempts continue. Counterfeiting has been around since the invention of money itself, but we are always finding ways to increase security measures for our money. In this Museum Masterpiece video, ANA Communications Coordinator Amanda Miller shares some of the history.

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